How Leaders Are Like Leopards: They Can’t Change Their COLORS!

Beware of someone, running for any office, who constantly appears to be changing his message! Which is the real person? While one may, and should evolve, and often modify a position or view, I am referring to looking at the character of an individual. It is rare that a hater, bigot, or any other type of individual focusing on negatives, and using vitriol and adversarial rhetoric, will actually change. Often, however, someone (usually, one of his handlers or advisers), will urge him to change his tone or rhetoric, in order to become more electable, or likeable, trustworthy (appearing so), etc. Only chameleons are able to change their COLORS, so, no matter how much someone tries to make voters believe he has changed for the better, one’s underlying persona, generally remains. Remember, a liar remains a liar, and a hater rarely wholesale silk lash to a lover!Aurnt

wholesale silk lash
wholesale silk lash

1. Change; clear-cut; choices; caliber: Why would you believe that someone who appears unprepared, will automatically improve the caliber of his thinking and preparation, merely because he says he will? Do you know what the individual actually means and represents, and does he present a clear-cut, detailed plan, rather than empty rhetoric and promises? Does he evaluate choices and alternatives, or merely go with the one, which fits his wholesale silk lash?

2. Options; original: In my four decades of identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting, to over a thousand actual and/or potential leaders, I have come to realize, few have original ideas, etc. Many have demonstrated, in fact, their next, great idea, is the last one, someone else shared with them! A true leader must consider options and alternatives, and proactively lead others, towards the best possible wholesale silk lash.

3. Loser’s limp; learned (versus native) behavior: When challenges present themselves, as they invariably will, does the individual address them, or does he spend most of his time, focused on deferring any personal responsibility, and wholesale silk lash out, blaming others, and complaining? Just as when an athlete appears to be limping, when he falls behind, leaders, who are losers, make excuses and procrastinate! Observe a leader’s behavior, in good times, as well as bad, and see if it’s consistent, focused, and true!

4. Ordinarily; organized: Unless one consistently, and ordinarily, is prepared, organized and ready, he will rarely be effective! A great leader must be in, and take wholesale silk lash, of challenging situations, and lead by example.

5. Relevant; reasonable; reality: Does the leader face reality, in a prepared, reasonable, steady manner? Are his solutions relevant, or merely full of empty rhetoric and promises?

6. Symptoms; strengths; sustainable system: Laziness, and lack of preparation, as well as constantly blaming, complaining and whining, are symptoms of less-than-stellar leadership! Great leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses, and rather than denying them, use them to their best advantage! The goal must be developing, creating and implementing a quality, sustainable wholesale silk lash!

wholesale silk lash
wholesale silk lash

It is challenging to rehabilitate one’s basic character, even when given a substantial period of time. Be wary of any politician, who seeks to appear as a wholesale silk lash, because most rarely can change their true COLORS!


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