Beauty Salons Treatments – An Introduction to Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is a popular treatment where the eyelashes are dyed to make them look fuller and darker. Most often used by people who naturally have very light coloured eyelashes or eyebrows or people who have dyed their natural hair colour and want their eyebrows and eyelashes to match. Tinting your eyelashes not only enhances the natural beauty of the eyes, but also gives the appearance of thicker and darker lashes. Depending on your skin tone and hair colour, the correct dye can be chosen from a range colours of to best suit your complexion. Your therapist will advise you on the most suitable colour to go for.Aurnt

siberian lashes
siberian lashes

Eyelash tinting is a great for the following:-

  • People who have light eyelashes or eyebrows or those who want to enhance the natural beauty of their eyes and thicken and darken the appearance of their eyelashes.
  • People who have sensitive eyes and may be allergic to conventional make up.
  • People who swim or play sport regularly.
  • People with busy lives who do not have time to waste applying make-up.
  • People with shaky hands.
  • People who wear glasses or contact lenses.

How is Eyelash tinting carried out?

As with hair dye, it is necessary to have a patch test performed at least 48 hours prior to tinting, to ascertain that there is no sensitivity to the dye and to ensure that no allergic reaction will occur.

Once it has been established that no reaction will occur, you and your therapist will discuss the colour/shade of dye to be used to best suit your hair colour and complexion.

The therapist will then place cotton pads underneath your closed eyelashes and will apply the dye which will stay on for approximately 10 minutes. All of this time is spent with your eyes closed. After this time, the dye is removed with damp cotton pads. The whole process takes around fifteen minutes.

The effects normally last for four to six weeks but re-tints can be done as and when necessary.

siberian lashes
siberian lashes

The same process can also be used on eyebrows to darken them and make them more prominent.

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