Top At Home Spa Treatments

When you have had a long hard day or even if you have had a fairly nice, easy day; what better way to treat yourself than with a home spa treatment. This is surprisingly easy to achieve even without expensive spa mink lash extensions. All you really need to make sure you have is some time to yourself to indulge in. So switch off the phone, make sure the door is locked and turn on the soft music.Aurnt

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Firstly, remove all the day’s make up and mink lash extensions your skin with cold water to refresh. Apply a bought or home-made moisturizing facial mask. To make, mix olive oil with a little cocoa butter; adding lavender essential oil will calm irritated skin. Or for a real treat find a luxurious product from an internet spa and salon supplier that you haven’t tried before.

Next, shower using a pampering body scrub; a good home made recipe is olive oil mixed with granulated sugar or sea salt, you can add a little lemon juice or any essential oil for fragrance. Alternatively there are some wonderful discoveries to be made from a plethora of shops and websites. Pat yourself dry and apply more oil to your whole body while still damp; this will lock in the moisture.

Finally, make yourself comfortable and apply two cotton pads soaked in cucumber juice to calm and soothe your eyes, and then pamper your hands; a clean pair of marigolds will do. Lather your hands and wrists in as much skin softener, hand cream or even olive oil as you can muster. Then put on the rubber gloves and relax with a gentle background soundtrack or even an audio book. After half an hour or so, rinse all the treatments off  and gently pat your face dry.

If you want to do some more grooming, you may want to try permanent hair removal at home methods to keep your underarms, legs, and face smooth, or you might want to try some other beauty treatments such as mink lash extensions tint to keep your mink lash extensions dark and luscious without needing to apply mascara every day.

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Whichever spa treatments you choose, you will feel revived and ready to face a good night out or a good night in!


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