How To Create Your Own Brand Eyelash Packaging

How To Create Your Own Brand Eyelash Packaging


What Are The Benefits Of Custom Eyelash Brand Packaging?

How To Create Your Own Brand Packaging ?

  • LOGO design, as a logo design for related companies or products, can effectively provide users and consumers with the best recognizability, especially for brand products of different companies, specializing in their brand products logo design is even more important. Excellent brand logo often has distinctive personality, visual impact, easy to identify, remember, guide, promote consumption, generate beautiful associations, and help to stand out among many products.
  • Firstly, you need to you need to contact a professional designer, tell him/her your ideas and design concepts, let him design a unique brand logo for you.That would be great if your logo can made via Ai (Vector file ),as we all know that the more clear document you have, the better effect when print on the custom lash packaging . You can write a slogan for your brand.
  • Secondly, we can send you our private label lash packaging option, you can choose the style you like and send us your logo design and tell us what custom lash cases color you like.We can do normaly printing, gold foil, rose gold foil, holographic and etc.We can print any color you like.
  • Thirdly,our designer will make box desgin for you to confirm customize your own eyelash box design details,after the design is confirmed, we will start production.About 10 days later, you will be amazed by the beautiful box, because the own brand with your logo is so gorgeous and unique!
  • We seek a longer-term partnership, so we take every cooperation seriously, and we make every product with heart. Provide perfect products to our customers.


What Are The Materials Of Eyelash Brand Packaging ?

  • 1. The most popular custom eyelashes boxes material is hard paper boxtThis is an environmentally friendly material, and it is a recyclable resource, so it is deeply loved by clients.
    The box made of this raw material looks very beautiful and can be made into any shape you like.
  • 2. The Acrylic custom eyelash packaging box is also popular in the market.Very smooth and clean,like a beautiful gem.
  • 3. Many custom eyelash boxes is made of hard plastic,if you are just starting an eyelash business, you do not have much budget, the plastic eyelash custom packaging could be your good choice.It is much cheaper than other raw material.


It Has Minimum Order Quantity To Custom Eyelash Brand Packaging.

  • The production process of custom eyelash boxes is complicated, and all production processes are manually operated.If you just need a small quantity, then the quantity of a single box will be relatively high. But the more the quantity you order, the more cheaper price you will enjoy.
  • If you just start your lash business, and you do not have too much money,pls do not worry, we created many luxury eyelash packaging boxes and put in our warehouse, these ready-made private label eyelash boxes are specially prepared for those customers who have small budgets. No MOQ, you can order any quantity you want following your demand.And make stickers to print your logo is a good choice too.

We Have Various Of Packaging Options For You To Choose

  • Create your own brand packaging is very easy, we have various of packaging options for you to choose, and we can custom any lashes packaging box shape you want.Rectangle, square ,diamond packaging shape are the most popular lash box design shape, and the Multiple pairs of eyelashes box, the paper card box, the holopgraphic design box, the lash book is very popular in the market.Any design you want we all can make for you.Welcome to contact us for more information of creat own brand pacakging.