Ten Eye Makeup Tricks to Help You Perfect Your Makeup Look

There are a myriad of alternatives available when it comes to finding the perfect makeup application. The best way to choose which design to wear is to decide exactly what image you want to project. The reasons your color is called eye shadow is because it should be used for that very reason, to build shape and interest through the shading techniques you use, not necessarily through the color you choose. The more layering and shading you use the more dramatic the effect will be, the less shading you use obviously the subtler the effect will be. Aim to keep eye faux mink lashes  subtle and sophisticated, by using neutral tones and create interest through shading, otherwise you detract away from your eyes and people will tend to notice your makeup rather than you.Aurnt

faux mink lashe
faux mink lashe
    1. You need to prep your eyelids before applying eye shadow, make sure they are cleansed with an oil free cleanser and wipe of any excess with an oil free toner. Prime the eyelid and under the brow area with a matte finish concealer, foundation and powder before you apply eye shadow. This helps to ensure a smooth finish and will help to neutralize the red/blue coloration on your eyelids. Then with a velour puff gently dust the eyes with powder, this will help to lock your eye shadow in place helping to prevent it from smudging
    1. When thinking about applying eyeliner make sure you don’t create hard edges, as this can make the eye look smaller. The best option is to use powder and blend in with your shadow which will help to soften the edges. Be sure to use the right brush and make the brush slightly damp, which will help to give you control
    1. If you have dark eyelids, you can create the illusion of light by using a powder with yellow pigment. Highlighters also have a great effect at given the eye lift
    1. Avoid using pastel pinks or iridescent pink eye shadows, as these can make eyes look tired and irritated
    1. Always opt for a shade that contrasts with eye color rather than matches it,otherwise what you see is the eyeshadow not the eye
    1. No makeup would be complete without mascara which help to give the eyes definition. Mascara comes in a number of formulas, lengthening mascara contains special fillers to help build on length. Waterproof mascaras is very popular, which is great if you do a lot of sports or are going on holiday, however you need to be careful because the formula is long lasting, so it can often be difficulty to remove. The rubbing action used to remove the product could do more harm then good, damaging the delicate tissue around the eye
    1. If you have skimpy or none existent faux mink lashes you can work to create the illusion of hair by double lining your eyes. Using an eyeliner brush apply the color of your choice close to the base of your faux mink lashes, ensure the color is dark and the line thick and smudgy. Then repeat with a slightly damp brush which will help to create a thinner line, one that will give the illusion of fuller thicker lashes
    1. Your eyebrows can really work to enhance your facial features, so it is important that your eyebrow shape is exactly right. It is also worth noting that your eyebrow color should match the exact shade of your existing brow color, unless your brow is blond in which case it needs to be slightly darker. If you have red hair use a brow pencil with yellow pigment, which will define your faux mink lashes without adding color
faux mink lashe
faux mink lashe
    1. If you love that bronzed tanned appearance, use golden browns and bronzes for eyeshadow, blush and lips. Avoid using bronze all over the face, as you will end up with a line of demarcation at the jaw and hairline.

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