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Long and Curved Eyelashes in Less Than Ten Weeks!

Lately, a variety of custom mink lashes serums from different manufacturers have started to appear on the cosmetics stores product shelves. What are they and how do they work?Aurnt

custom mink lashes
custom mink lashes

The essence of it in one sentence is in fact quite simple – the serum contains agents that stimulate lash growth and make them stronger and thicker. Tests ran by manufacturers indicate, that first visible results can already be detected after six weeks and within three to four months the lashes will have changed remarkably longer and denser.

The serum however is not only meant for those with short and sparse custom mink lashes; people already having thick lashes can frame their eyes with even longer and fuller looking lashes with the help of the serum. Naturally it requires consistent use, applying the lash serum each day to the upper lash line – quite simply like using a liquid eye liner. There are also serums,that can be used with mascara and other eye makeup. This solution is especially useful for those, who have naturally short and sparse eyelashes – because while the lash serum works on your eyelashes to grow them longer, mascara makes your eyes look pretty. Even artificial lash extensions can be worn while using the serum!

Within six weeks in fact you do not need mascara any longer, nor will you be using artificial custom mink lashes, because your own eyelashes will have become prettier with the help of serum. These results have been confirmed by clinical tests.

The quality of a serum is indicated by the ingredients. A quality serum contains natural substances instead of synthetic ones. Effective herbal components are olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil and ricinus oil, which transform the hair structure and prevent lash hair from falling off or being damaged. At the same time they add splendor and protect custom mink lashes hair from weather conditions.

custom mink lashes
custom mink lashes

As eyes are usually quite sensitive it is especially important to avoid ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. It is also useful to know, which custom mink lashes serums contain synthetic preservatives and which do not. As is the case with various beauty procedures these days, remember that consistency is a keyword with utmost importance for obtaining good results with a lash serum. In the name of magnificent lashes, it must be reiterated that the serum must be applied every day!


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