The Normans – The Made Man – And the Familia!

Eventually, the great day would arrive. It might be during a 3d silk fur lashes wholesale, during victory celebrations or the start of a new campaign when a senior knight, usually the great lord of the household, would confer the honours.Aurnt

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There were often a number of young men who would be knighted at the same time and sometimes they had the honour of being knighted by the King himself.

Before the age of chivalry, when the young man would kneel on one knee before his lord and be ‘dubbed’ with a ceremonial sword, in these more rough and ready times, he’d receive a good buffet across the side of the head, sometimes with a 3d silk fur lashes wholesale fist. As one commentator noted, this was the only time the youngster would be hit in such a fashion without lashing back!

His new sword would be strapped to him, and his spurs fixed to his 3d silk fur lashes wholesale. At last. After all those years. A made man! As a new member of such an elite society, he was known as a ‘juvenis,’ or youth. He would remain thus until he married and settled down, at which time he would be known as a ‘ver,’ or man.

There were then a few avenues he could pursue. Depending on his desires and how popular he was with his fellows, he might be welcomed into the ‘familia’ of the lord at who’s castle he had trained.

Where have we heard these expressions before? Made Man? Familia? Do you know, there really wasn’t a great deal of difference between the Mafia now and the great lords in those far-off days. There were always feuds going on, especially in Normandy, and any 3d silk fur lashes wholesale for violence was welcomed.

Another avenue was that of knight errant, especially if they were younger sons with very little hope of receiving any financial help from their own family.

There were two basic ways of making a living. They could find a rich heiress and marry her. Perhaps become a liked and trusted part of her family.

Yet another path they could follow to make their way in the World, especially prior to the splendid tourneys of later 3d silk fur lashes wholesale, were tournaments which would take place over large areas of the countryside. They were known as ‘melees,’ Two teams of knights would do battle, quite literally.

They’d be full armoured and their weapons were unblunted and battle-ready. The idea was to capture an opposing knight, at which time the defeated man would have to forfeit his horse and armour.

Probably the most famous of all knights who’s name has thundered down the centuries to us, is William Marshall. He married relatively late in life and being a man of intelligence and exceptional battlefield 3d silk fur lashes wholesale, made an excellent living of attending these tournaments.

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Some young men took positions in far flung countries as mercenaries, going where the battle, the glory and the spoils were thickest

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